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Grumpy Mule Coffee Opens on Campus Today

SACRAMENTO, Calif., August 29, 2016 – Something Grumpy This Way Comes! Sac State Campus Dining is excited to announce the opening of Grumpy Mule, a specialty British coffee brand owned by Irish tea and coffee company Bewley’s. Grumpy Mule, known for “irreverent branding with a distinct personality,” is located in the space previously occupied by Java City at the Library. The Java City brand is also owned by Bewley’s.

Grumpy Mule coffee is sourced fairly and sustainably and roasted light with care and precision. Coffees available on campus include a 100% Arabica espresso blend, “Snapshot Espresso,” a velvety-bodied espresso with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and soft fruits; a seasonally rotating menu of 100% Arabica single-origin drip coffees, and decaf coffee. A new coffee, Stingers Up blend, will be offered sometime this fall.

Visitors to Grumpy Mule can expect their beverages to deliver the brand’s signature “sass, bite, and kick,” poured by baristas highly trained in grinding, tamping, brewing, and latte art.

Sacramento State is proud to be the first site in the U.S. for a Grumpy Mule store. For more information, visit Grumpy Mule web page.