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The tutorial files presented below are being updated and therefore may not match the screens you see in TimeOnline. However, the information presented is still applicable and of use for learning purposes.
Using TimeOnline (Video) Online Tutorial (Video)
Setting your Password and Security Question (Video) Logging in and Managing Your Password (Video)
Using the Transfer Button (Video) Review/Edit an Employee Timesheet (Video)
Recording your Daily In/Out Times (Video) Approve Leave Time for Benefited Employees (PDF)
Editing and Verifing your Timesheet (Video) Approve Benefited Employee Timesheets (PDF)
Submitting Your Timesheet (Video) Approve Student Employee Timesheets (PDF)
Forgot Your Password? Or Password Expired (PDF) Manage Employee Password (Video | PDF)
Update Your Email Address (PDF) Forgot Your Password? Or Password Expired
Employee FAQs (PDF) Run Reports (PDF)
Configure a Report (PDF)
FACULTY Supervisor FAQs (PDF)
Entering Timesheets (PDF)
Approve Faculty Timesheets (PDF)