NAV  University Enterprises Inc.

Campus Grants Program

University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI), a Sacramento State non-profit auxiliary organization, exists to meet the evolving needs of the University community by providing programs and services that support and strengthen the Sacramento State experience. UEI’s management and staff work to advance Sacramento State’s commitment to being an integral educational, intellectual, economic, social, and cultural resource for the region.

The UEI Campus Grants Program reflects UEI’s investment in the ongoing vitality of the campus community and the important role played by innovative faculty, student, and staff projects.

UEI will award up to $70,000 to projects that are innovative, with demonstrable need, and which benefit the greatest number of Sacramento State students, faculty, and/or staff.

We are particularly interested in projects that advance discovery and understanding while promoting teaching, research, and campus engagement. The award maximum is $5,000 and the average award is anticipated to be $2,500 or less. Sacramento State faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to apply.

While the competition is open to any project or initiative that applicants can demonstrate will fit with the above criteria, the Committee is particularly interested in projects similar to the following:

    • Activities that connect students and community-based organizations or agencies for service learning and experiential learning opportunities;
    • Research-based projects (field, campus, classroom, laboratory, etc.) with substantial faculty-student interaction and clearly demonstrable participant goals and deliverables;
    • New approaches to developing undergraduate and graduate research opportunities;
    • Events, programs, and activities that increase connections between campus units or with community-based organizations to advance a health, social, economic, or workforce issue of importance to the campus and region.

This year, a portion of the funding will be allocated to proposals supporting the CSU Basic Needs Initiative, which takes a holistic look at students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom, from housing and food security to mental health.

How Grants are Awarded
Funding decisions are made by the UEI Board of Directors on recommendation by the UEI Campus Grants Program Committee, comprised of UEI Board members and selected campus representatives.

The relative weight given to proposals is as follows, although the Committee reserves the right to alter the balance of the weighting when circumstances warrant.

  • 15% – Feasibility of the proposed activity and anticipated use of resources
  • 25% – Originality of the proposed idea.
  • 25% – Impact on the campus community.
  • 25% – Level of student involvement and impact on learning, tied to student success initiatives.
  • 10% – Clarity of proposal rationale, documentation, and writing.

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