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How to Apply

Looking for Funding? Campus Grants Program

Proposal Process

  1. Review the Guidelines and How to Apply.
  2. Consider attending an Information Session.
  3. Complete all sections of the online UEI Campus Grants Program Proposal.
    • Upload a budget, including formal written quotes or cost estimates, to the submitted proposal.
    • Complete and upload the Acceptance of Responsibility form.
    • Include a letter(s) of support from a Vice President, Dean, or Chair. Optional but highly encouraged.
  4. Submit your online proposal.

Who Can Apply?

UEI Campus Grants Program awards are available to Sacramento State faculty, staff, and students.

How Grants are Awarded

Funding decisions are made by the UEI Board of Directors on recommendation by the UEI Campus Grants Program Committee, comprised of UEI Board members and selected campus representatives.

The relative weight given to proposals is as follows, although the Committee reserves the right to alter the balance of the weighting when circumstances warrant.

  • 15% – Feasibility of the proposed activity and anticipated use of resources
  • 25% – Originality of the proposed idea
  • 25% – Impact on the campus community
  • 25% – Level of student involvement and impact on learning, tied to student success initiatives
  • 10% – Clarity of proposal rationale, documentation, and writing

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