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Managing your University Foundation Account

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How to Request a User ID
Information regarding requesting a OneSolution Desktop user id and guidelines for creating a user id.

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Account Establishment and Maintenance

UFSS User Guide
This guide is to assist you with the administrative procedures associated with managing funds held by the University Foundation at Sacramento State.

Cash Transmittal
This form is used to deposit non-donation funds received via cash or checks. (Donations are processed through the development office).

Credit Transmittal
This form is used to process non-donation funds received via credit cards.

Expenditure Signature Authorization Change
This form is used to add or delete an authorized signer on an account.

Request for Transfer
This form is used to transfer funds or expenses.

Request to Close Scholarship Account
This form is used when closing a scholarship account and related expenditure and endowment accounts.

Accounts Payable

Check Request
This form may be used when a vendor will not accept a purchase order and requires payment in advance. It may also be used for reimbursement of minor out-of-pocket expenses. However, it may not be used for payment of consultant fees.

Purchase Order Request
This form must be filled out for all purchases which do not require full advance payment.

Purchase Order Sole Source Justification
This form should be filled out to request restrictive bidding or no bidding. This form must be attached to the Purchase Order Request form.

Performance/Speaker Agreement
This form is to be filled out for payment of performers and speakers.


Consultant Agreement for Services
This form is used for independent contractor/consultant agreement for services.

Consultant Sole Source Justification
This form is used for the sole source justification of a contractor and must be submitted with the agreement for services.

Consultant’s Fee Invoice
This for is used for invoice certification for services for independent contractor/consultant.Consultant’s Fee Invoice.


Travel Request
This form must be completed and filed in advance of travel.

  • Used by divisions and programs which do not fall under Academic Affairs and for all travel advances.
  • Employees of Academic Affairs colleges, division, and programs who are required to submit the university’s form, Domestic Travel Expense Justification Request, do not need to submit the UFSS travel request form in addition.

Travel Claim
The appropriate form below must be completed within 10 days after travel.