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Do I have to be a Sacramento State student to apply to University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) student jobs?

No. Unless specified in the job posting, you do not have to attend Sacramento State to apply for student jobs. Students who are currently enrolled and attending classes during the regular term (fall, spring and winter, if applicable), at a qualifying* institution of higher education, are eligible to be hired as a UEI Student Assistant.

*Qualifying institutions include, but are not limited to: Sacramento State, any campus of the CSU or UC systems, any community college campus, and private universities offering 4- year degrees or credential programs. Institutions of higher education who have an Articulation Agreement (an agreement which indicates that units from that institution are transferable) with any of the above institutions also qualify.

Are international students eligible for employment?

Yes. International students who hold J-1 or F-1 visa are eligible to work as student assistants.

How many units do I need to be enrolled in to apply for student assistant jobs?

  • Undergraduate students must maintain a course load of at least six (6) semester units or nine (9) quarter units.
  • Graduate students must maintain a course load of four (4) semester or six (6) quarter units.

Please note: Some hiring departments may have a higher unit requirement or minimum GPA. If so, you must follow that department’s requirement.

Do I need to be enrolled in classes during the summer session to work during the summer as a UEI Student Assistant?

No. You do not have to be enrolled in the summer session to work as a UEI Student Assistant. If your employment continues into the fall semester, you’ll need to demonstrate enrollment when the fall semester begins.

What happens after I apply to a job posting?

Applications are reviewed daily by UEI Human Resources. Applications that meet the minimum criteria will be released to the hiring manager for review and consideration. Hiring managers determine who they want to invite to interview and ultimately who they hire for the position. If you’re selected for an interview, the hiring manager will contact you directly with interview details. If you’re offered the position, you will be directed to UEI Human Resources to complete new hire or rehire orientation. These recruitments are highly competitive; be sure to search and apply often.

How many hours can I work per week? Can I work full-time?

Student Assistant work hours are to be, on average, less than 30 hours per work week (Sunday – Saturday). In applying this threshold, student work hours should generally be limited to 20 hours per work week when classes are in session and 40 hours per work week during school breaks.

  • Sacramento State students working on campus are limited to 20 hours per week when classes are in session.
  • International students are limited to a strict 20 hours per work week during the academic year regardless of work location.
  • Part-time, casual employees are limited to no more than 19.5 hours per work week throughout the year.
  • All student regardless of work location and casual employees may work no more than 1,500 hours per year (tracked from hire date through anniversary and June – May in subsequent years). This is closely monitored by Human Resources. You and your supervisor will be notified if a schedule modification is required to keep your hours under this threshold.

How many hours can I work per week if I am a graduate student?

The total number of hours a graduate student can work is the same as all other students, even when no longer taking classes and working on a project or thesis.

Can I continue to work as a student assistant after I graduate?

Student assistants maintain employment eligibility for up to 90 days following the date the degree was awarded. A Separation from Employment form must be submitted along with your final timesheet to UEI’s Payroll Services one work day prior to your last day of work.

International students must have proper clearance to work beyond their graduation date.

If hired by a state agency, am I eligible for service credit or benefits?

No. UEI Student Assistant positions are part-time, non-benefited positions. UEI Student Assistants are only eligible for legally mandated benefits and are not eligible for CalPERS service credit regardless of the department or project you work for.

Where can I park during new hire orientation if I don’t have a campus parking pass?

A parking permit is required to park at Sac State. Two-hour parking permits are available from a daily parking permit machine for $3. You can also pay your parking by phone. Visitors and students without a smartphone can use the service by calling PayByPhone’s toll-free number, (866) 234-7275.

Find us on campus.

What do I need to bring to new hire orientation?

  • Documents that establish your eligibility to work in the United States for completion of Form I-9. For a complete list of acceptable documents please visit the US Department of Homeland Security website, and refer to page 4.
  • A voided check or banking information if you would like to sign up for direct deposit. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, you will be issued a Visa Pay card.

How do I submit my new hire paperwork if I live out of the area?

Students hired for a position outside of the greater Sacramento area, will complete their new hire orientation with their work site supervisor or representative on their first day.

Why does my paycheck come from University Enterprises, Inc. and not from the state agency/department, city, county or private business where I work?

University Enterprises Inc., (UEI) is the employer of record for all employees on our payroll regardless of work location.