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Questions and answers for UEI employees and supervisors regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the workplace:



UEI administrative offices on the third floor of the Bookstore building will remain open including Administration, Business Services, Dining Services Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Payroll, and Sponsored Programs Administration. The Dining Commons and the Courtyard Market will also remain open until further notice. All other Dining Services venues are closed.

Many other programs and departments staffed by UEI employees will remain open. Check with the individual offices for more information. Visit and for Union and WELL programmatic and building updates

Managers will determine the needs of their departments, programs and agencies. Students who are scheduled to work by their supervisor should continue reporting for work as scheduled. Questions or concerns should be directed to their supervisor or manager.

It depends. Students may work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week on the Sacramento State campus except during breaks (i.e. spring recess, summer, winter) when they may work up to 40 hours. Students working through the California Intern Network for outside agencies and employers can work up to 24 hours per week except during breaks when they may work up to 40 hours. Campus closures and classes moving to online platforms will not change this standard. If students are currently working fewer than the maximum hours and the supervisor would like them to work more, the supervisor or manager can increase their scheduled hours provided they work no more than the weekly maximum hours per week.

All UEI employees accrue sick leave. Employees may view their sick leave balance via employee online.

Supervisors who have access to the UEI timekeeping system can view the sick leave balances of their student employees. Instructions can be found here.

Sick leave can be used if an employee is scheduled to work but is unable to due to their own illness or that of an immediate family member. If they have exhausted their available sick leave, or reached the annual maximum, and need to remain off work for these reasons, they may be eligible for State Disability Insurance (SDI) or Paid Family Leave (PFL). Claims are filed through the California Employment Development Department (EDD), and eligibility is determined by the EDD, not UEI.

Regular, benefited employees who will be out on an extended leave or who exhaust sick leave should contact the UEI Human Resources Department as they may be eligible for additional benefits such as catastrophic leave or long term disability insurance.

Yes, employees who are no longer working and are no longer paid are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits through the California Employment Development Department (EDD). The EDD determines claim eligibility, not UEI.

Employees who are scheduled to work should continue to report their time as usual via the UEI timekeeping system.

Student employees who are no longer scheduled to work should submit their timesheet no later than their last scheduled workday.

There are employers actively seeking new employees and we recommend you look into sites like and