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Payroll- Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my paycheck come from University Enterprises, Inc. and not from the state agency/company where I work?

University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI)  contracts with state agencies and other organizations to be the employer of record for Student Assistant employees. This means UEI is your employer even if you perform work off campus.

My timekeeping password has expired – what do I do?

Click on the Forgot/Reset Password link on the timekeeping login page and follow the instructions.

When and how do I report my hours worked?

Hours are reported daily (including lunch breaks) using UEI’s automated timekeeping system.  If you do not have access to a computer at work, you should manually enter your hours daily after the time is worked. You should submit your timesheet after your last punch for the pay period. If you use the physical time clock to clock in/out, your timesheet will be submitted by your supervisor.


Why can’t I manually enter my hours?

Employees are only allowed to make edits to their timesheets when the timesheet is in OPEN status. Timesheets with zero hours recorded are locked after 9:00 a.m. on the due date (refer to the payroll calendar for due dates).

Who has second approval on my timesheet?

Check with your supervisor to see who should approve your timesheet.

How can I see how many hours I have worked?

In order to view hours worked, an employees can review their timesheets within the timekeeping system or their check stubs in Employee Online. Supervisors can run reports from the timekeeping system which will show total hours worked.

When and how do I get paid?

Employees are paid semimonthly (twice a month) on the 7th and the 22nd unless otherwise noted on the Payroll Calendar.  If you have signed up for direct deposit, your pay check will be deposited into your bank account on payday.  Checks for employees who are not on direct deposit will be mailed to your home address.


When are W-2s available?

W-2s for the previous year are available at the end of January.


If I sign up for direct deposit, when will it take effect?

Direct deposits are effective for the pay period they are received.  Requests received in UEI Payroll Services before the end of the month will be effective on the check for the 7th, requests received by the 15th will be effective on the check for the 22nd.

How do I log in to UEI Employee Online (EO)?

Your UEI Employee Online login is your 8 digit employee ID (you must type the leading zeros).  The first time you log in to EO, your password is your 9 digit social security number (without the dashes).  The system will prompt you to change your password.

I have forgotten my password for Employee Online – how do I reset it?

If you have forgotten your EO password, select the FORGOT PASSWORD link on the UEI Employee Online login page and follow the instructions.

How do I update my email and/or home address?

Log on to UEI Employee Online.  Under Personal Information select Home Address.  At the bottom of the page click on Edit, change your address/email information and select  Save.

How can I get a copy of my check stub(s)?

Log on to UEI Employee Online.  Under Personal Information choose check stubs.  Select the pay period and follow the instructions to print your check stub.

I don’t have access to a printer, how can I print my pay stubs and/or W-2?

All employee pay stubs and W-2s are now located in UEI Employee Online.  If you do not have access to a printer, you may come into Human Resources or Payroll Services and use the computer/printer kiosk to print your pay stub or W-2.

How long will I have access to Employee Online after I have been separated from employment with UEI?

You will have access to UEI Employee Online for 2 years after your separation date.