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Policy Number Subject
005 At Will Employment
010 Definitions of Employment Status/Appointment Codes
012 Management Personnel Plan, MPP
015 Employee Status Change
020 Probationary Period
025 Recruitment and Selection
030 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
034 Qualified Individuals with Disabilities
040 Personnel Records and Privacy
045 Employment of Relatives
050 Employment of Minors
055 New Employee Orientation
060 Immigration Reform and Verifying Employment Eligibility

Employment Benefits and Services

Policy Number Subject
105 Health and Welfare Benefits
110 Health and Dental Coverage Continuation, COBRA
115 Retirement
116 Retirement Health and Dental Benefits, Employees hired before July 1, 2008
117 Retirement Health and Dental Benefits, Employees hired after June 30, 2008
118 Deferred Compensation Plans 403(b) and 457
119 Retirement – Defined Contribution Plan
120 Workers Compensation
125 Employee Assistance Program
130 Educational Assistance
135 Training

Wage and Salary Administration

Policy Number Subject
205 Exempt/Non-exempt Employee Status and Classification
210 Job Descriptions
215 Salary Program Administration – Regular Employees
218 Salary Increases
220 Wage Administration for Student Employees Employed Under Sponsored Programs Administration
225 Wage Administration in Central Staff Students

Performance Evaluation

Policy Number Subject
305 Performance Evaluation
310 Position Reclassification
315 Promotion
320 Demotion

Hours of Work and Payroll Practices

Policy Number Subject
405 Hours of Work and Pay Days
410 Timekeeping
415 Overtime for Non-exempt Employees
420 Garnishment

Time Off (Paid and Unpaid)

Policy Number Subject
505 Vacation
506 Vacation Cash Out – Hardship
510 Holidays
515 Sick Leave
516 Pregnancy Disability Leave
520 Family Care and Medical Leave
522 Victims of Domestic Violence Leave
525 Bereavement Leave
530 Jury Duty and Court Appearance
535 Military Leave
540 Catastrophic Leave Program 
545 Personal Leaves of Absence
550 Disability Leaves of Absence
555 Extraordinary Leaves of Absence

Standards of Conduct and Employee Discipline

Policy Number Subject
605 Standards of Conduct
610 Conflict of Interest
615 Attendance
617 Reporting of Fiscal Improprieties
620 Unlawful Harassment
625 Sexual Harassment
635 Employee Discipline


Policy Number Subject
705 Complaint Procedure
710 Bulletin Boards
715 Job Posting
725 Use of UEI Computers, Computer Networks (Internet), Electronic Mailsystems (email), and other Computer Network Based Communication Systems


Policy Number Subject
805 Employee Separation
810 Reduction in Force (RIF) and Recall
815 Severance Pay
820 Unemployment Insurance
825 Exit Interview

Safety and Health

Policy Number Subject
905 Smoke-Free Workplace
910 Drug-Free Workplace
915 Work-Related Illness/Injury and Accident Reporting
920 HIV/Aids in the Workplace
925 Fitness for Duty Examinations